16U XL CubeSat Platform

Integrated CubeSat Platform

16U XL CubeSat Platform

Price:  $ 450,500.00


Our state-of-the-art 16U XL CubeSat Integrated Platform—an all-in-one solution meticulously designed to redefine space exploration. At Skystocks, we understand the intricacies of space endeavors, and our integrated platform is engineered to simplify your path to mission success with an array of groundbreaking features.

Simplify your CubeSat mission. Whether you represent an educational institution, research facility, or commercial entity, our platform is the key to unlocking the limitless potential of space exploration.

Launch your mission into the cosmos with the convenience, precision, and expert support offered by the platform. Contact us today to embark on your journey to the stars and experience the future of space missions.


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🔑 Robust Radiation Shielding:

Our integrated platform is fortified with advanced radiation shielding, ensuring the protection of onboard electronics and enhancing mission resilience in radiation-intensive environments.

🌟 Precision Thrust Vector Control:

A highly efficient propulsion system with precise thrust vector control offers the capability for intricate in-orbit maneuvers, giving you complete control over your mission's trajectory and the ability to optimize mission objectives.

⚡ Advanced Power Harvesting:

Cutting-edge solar panels and power management systems maximize energy harvesting, providing your CubeSat with a continuous, reliable power source, even in challenging lighting conditions.

📡 Data-Intensive Communication:

Our integrated communication system offers high-data-rate downlinks, enabling swift and efficient transmission of large datasets for intensive data-hungry applications.

⚙️ Space-Ready Resilience:

Constructed to withstand the challenges of space, our antenna array features space-qualified components and radiation-hardened materials, ensuring peak performance from launch to mission completion.

✨ Onboard AI Data Analysis:

Leverage the power of onboard artificial intelligence for real-time data analysis, enabling autonomous decision-making, anomaly detection, and optimized data collection.

🌟 Dynamic Thermal Regulation:

An intelligent, adaptive thermal control system maintains ideal operating temperatures, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your CubeSat's components.

🛰️ Custom Scientific Payloads:

Customize your CubeSat with integrated scientific instruments, including high-sensitivity cameras, spectrometers, and a selection of sensors, for cutting-edge research and mission-specific experiments.

💡 Machine Learning Autonomy:

Implement machine learning algorithms for advanced mission autonomy, enabling your CubeSat to adapt and react intelligently to changing mission conditions and data insights.

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