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Skystocks Inc. is at the forefront of reforming the CubeSat domain. We transform intricate CubeSat technologies into agile and efficient solutions. Our services span from meticulous integration to structural expertise, from innovative EPS system design to exhaustive functional testing. Every innovation is backed by our advanced technological infrastructure and a dedicated team of engineering marvels.



We've been pioneering aerospace operations for over a decade, and our parts have powered missions to every sector of aerospace industries.


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Skystocks stands at the forefront of the CubeSat technology landscape. With a unique blend of innovation and technical prowess, we offer comprehensive CubeSat solutions tailored to our clients' needs. Our extensive services encompass.

CubeSat Integration

Our meticulous approach ensures that each component seamlessly comes together, guaranteeing optimal performance in orbit.

Structural Fabrication

We develop robust and resilient structures designed to endure the challenges of space, ensuring longevity and durability.

Design EPS Systems

At Skystocks, we are dedicated to innovating efficient and reliable Eectrical Power Systems (EPS) that form the heartbeat of every CubeSat.

Functional Testing

To safeguard the integrity of our products, we conduct rigorous tests, verifying that every CubeSat we produce meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.

What We Do

Our Research Partners

Research at Its Apex, Space at Its Frontier: CubeSat Collaborations with Universities

We are collaborating with the University of Southern California to develop space tether technology for energy harvesting for NASA.
We are in collaboration with Virginia tech to develop ORAN based Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for Customer Functions Virtualization over Satellite Terminals for US Space Force.
We are in collaboration with the University of Buffalo to develop Ultra Wide-band Gallium Oxide based Power electronics components for our novel and innovative a Radiation-Hardened, High-Power, and Highly efficient isolated DC-DC converter for integration with the Electric Power System (EPS) of NASA CubeSats.

CubeSat Application

We serve a wide range of industrial applications, including earth's orbital exploration to communication satellites. Our high-quality spacecraft and satellite components play a important role in advancing technology, and understanding of the universe.

Earth Observation and Traffic Monitoring
Space Observation
Communication Satellites
Science and Technology

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