1.5U CubeSat Platform

Integrated CubeSat Platform

1.5U CubeSat Platform

Price:  $ 57,800.00


Step into a new era of CubeSat missions with our 1.5U CubeSat Integrated Platform—a forward-looking, all-in-one solution designed to streamline your journey into space exploration. We understand the intricacies of space endeavors, and our integrated platform is engineered to simplify the path to success for your mission.

Whether you're an educational institution, research facility, or commercial entity, our platform is the key to unlocking the boundless possibilities of space exploration.

Launch your mission into the cosmos with the convenience, precision, and support offered by our 1.5U CubeSat Integrated Platform. Contact us today to embark on your journey to experience the future of space missions.


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⚙️ Customization on Demand:

Collaborate with our expert engineers to tailor the integrated platform to your mission's unique requirements, accommodating a variety of payloads and mission objectives.

📡 Holistic Integration:

Our 1.5U CubeSat Integrated Platform seamlessly combines all essential subsystems, including power, communication, propulsion, and more, ensuring your CubeSat is mission-ready upon delivery.

🌟 Effortless Deployment:

Designed for quick and straightforward deployment, our platform reduces mission preparation time, ensuring a smooth transition from design to launch.

🛰️ Space-Hardened Components:

Every component of the integrated platform is constructed using space-qualified materials and rigorously tested for resilience in the harsh conditions of space.

✨ Optimized Spatial Utilization:

The compact 1.5U form factor maximizes payload capacity while maintaining precise geometric optimization for enhanced mission efficiency.

🔄 Advanced Telemetry and Command:

Stay connected with real-time telemetry data and maintain control over your CubeSat with our integrated communication and command systems.

🌟 Mission Flexibility:

Whether your focus is Earth observation, scientific research, or technology demonstration, our integrated platform adapts seamlessly to diverse mission objectives.

✨ Unmatched Support:

Our dedicated support and expertise are at your service throughout your CubeSat mission, from initial design discussions to post-launch operations.

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